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9th June 2017

CSD are committed to constantly innovating our products and services to meet the needs of our customers so we are proud to announce the re-brand of our market leading RISE RAPID Duct Seal System to the NOFIRNO Duct Seal System. This name change relfects the core components and their advanced properties, making the system the rapid sealing system of choice.

The NOFIRNO Duct Seal system is used extensively across the UK onshore construction market, providing an effective and simple solution protecting against flood and gas ingress. It provides the same high levels of protection and benefits including;
• Ensuring ATEX, DSEAR & WIMES compliance
• Age tested to prove 50 years of sealing protection
• Quick & easy to install in both horizontal & vertical ducts
• Easy re-entry for adding, removing or replacing cables
• Installed in any sized or shaped opening
• Resistant to submersion in Petrol & Diesel
• Resistant to Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide & Chlorine
• Suitable for trefoil & large power cables and provides long term cable support
• Prevents rodent ingress.

Contact a member of the team to order the NOFIRNO Duct Seal System - 01670 739970

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