RISE EMC Sealing System

For the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protection of cable penetrations entering shielded areas, an electrically conductive sealant/flexible rubber has been developed for use within RISE Multi Cable Penetrations. CSD’s CONDUCTON flexible rubber has been designed to be simple to install, yet highly effective in protection against EMP/EMI risks on vessels.


CONDUCTON flexible rubber is applied to a depth of 40mm on either one side or both sides of the transit frame, depending on attenuation levels required. It is installed by hand
once the RISE sleeves have been installed around the cables and once the cable sheath has been removed to expose the cable braid and prior to installing the final layer of FIWA
sealant. The CONDUCTON rubber maintains a 360 degree contact between the cable and the ship’s structure, providing complete EMP/EMI protection.

RISE EMC Product Benefits

  • Ensures DSEAR compliance even in heavily filled cable ducts
  • Extremely high attenuation levels (52-100 dB when using CONDUCTON flexible rubber)
  • Halogen free 
  • Toxicity index of 0,00 (tested according to Naval Defence Standards DEF STAN 02-713)
  • Low smoke index (DEF STAN 02-711)
  • Oxygen index of 38,2% (ISO 4589-2:1996)
  • Temperature index of 294°C (ISO 4589-3: 1996)
  • Fulfills criteria for use on board UK Navy vessels






Our standard frames supplied for use on RISE-EMC Penetrations are manufactured with electroless nickel coating. This coating ensures good electrical conduction between the flexible rubber and the frame.

Attenuation tests at DELTA Electronics Testing/Denmark have shown extremely high attenuation values achieved by the RISE-EMC system based on a single layer of CONDUCTON flexible rubber. DAMPING: 35-85 dB. The RISE-EMC system based on 2 layers of 40 mm CONDUCTON flexible rubber have demonstrated even higher attenuation levels. DAMPING: 52-100dB

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We chose the RISE multi transit system over a Blocks type compression system to provide the highest level of fire, gas and watertight integrity.
Electrical Engineering Manager at Harland & Wolff

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