RISE S and M penetration

Single Pipe Penetration Kit Selection

The table below has been developed to use as guidance in order to select the most suitable RISE NOFIRNO Kit.

Select the service pipe NB or OD. The 2nd column shows the minimum size of conduit sleeve required. The 3rd Column shows the minimum clearance required between the service pipe and the conduit sleeve wall and the 4th column shows the required RISE Kit.

RISE duct sealing Nofirno Kits

The RISE penetration can be sized to allow for mis-alignment of the pipe or oversized penetrations to allow for flanges to pass through. E.g. for a 2” pipe you want to allow an 8” conduit sleeve, the RISE kit would be RISENOF-2/8.

Penetration kits based on an A60 and H120 or A0 and H0 rating using 250mm long penetration frames. Kits contains 210mm long NOFIRNO multi filler sleeves and Nofirno sealant. Certification should be referred to for insulation requirements.

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We have used CSD on numerous petrol forecourt projects across the UK and are always impressed by their products and professionalism. The RISE Duct Seal System is a quality product, which ensures the high levels of water and gas tight safety needed.
Operations Director, Westfield Services UK

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