SLIPSIL Selection

SLIPSIL selection table for metallic and GRP pipework.

The below is not a complete listing of plugs available, but does cover the majority of requirements. If this does not cover yours, please request a complete listing of available sizes.

STEP 1: Select the outside diameter of the service pipe from the table.
STEP 2: Read along the row to select the correct plug size and type.
STEP3: Read down the column to select the correct penetration sleeve.

SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs Selection table

The internal diameter of the chosen sleeve is critical to ensure a water tight seal. The ID must be within the tolerance indicated in the table. Penetration sleeves area available direct from CSD, sized to suit and with a bevel applied to the inside edge to aid insertion of the SLIPSIL plugs.

Mild steel is supplied as standard and can be coated to your specification if required. Aluminium, Stainless Steel and GRP sleeves are also available.

SLIPSIL selection table for Plastic pipework.

 SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs Selection table for plastic

Note: New plug series are added to the range on a regular basis. Please contact our sales department when there is a need for a new series not listed.


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