SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs

SLIPSIL 1  Slipsil is the new generation sealing plug from CSD, they combine simple installation with effective sealing performance. They are designed to seal pipes and cables against gas and water ingress at pressures in excess of 2.5 BAR and fire for up to 2 hours.

They come in a range of sizes to suit services between 5mm and 520mm in diameter. Slipsil Sealing Plugs are suitable for cables. metallic and plastic pipes. The plugs are water tight, gas tight and fire-safe giving plenty of protection when necessary.

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CSD Sealing Plugs consist of 2 equal parts that allows them to be inserted after all pipes or cables in a conduit are installed.

The flange of the sealing plug is designed in a way that even after installation they are easily recognisable. The plugs have a special profiling, the serrated profiles at the outside have an interspacing and are levelled and the inner ribs are flattened and interconnected.


Slipsil Sealing Plugs Product Benefits

  • Allows the shortest possible conduit length for fire rated penetrations
  • Can be used for all types of metallic and plastic pipes
  • Can be installed within minutes
  • Do not require bolting or any other mechanical fixing
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be exposed to high pressure loads directly after installation
  • Tested under severe condition, suitable for wide ranging industries and for use in the harshest environments.






Testing Standards

Slipsil Sealing Plugs have gone through three pressure tests at nominal dimensions to determine the pressure ratings for plugs with smallest, medium and largest inlets.

The plugs have also been subjected to three pressure tests with the minimum pipe diameter and the widest conduit opening to determine tightness and extreme tolerances. This procedure has to be repeated with the smallest conduit opening and the largest pipe diameter to determine ease of installation. Finally, the largest pipe diameter has to be tested in the widest conduit opening to determine tightness in another extreme condition.

This creates a total of twelve pressure tests for each series to determine the operational tolerances and ease of installation.

  • Lloyds Register Witnessed - 2.5 bar pressure test
  • TNO Laboratory - Age Testing to 50 years
  • BSEN1366-3 European Fire Test - 2 hour fire protection
  • NES711 - Low Smoke Index
  • NES713 - Low Toxicity Index
  • ISO 4589-3 - High Temperature Index
  • ISO 4589-2 - High Oxygen Index

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