ACTIFOAMACTIFOAM is designed for fire protection of cable ducts in building and industrial applications.

The ACTIFOAM system combines flexibility and simplicity with outstanding fire protection properties. Closed cell foam rubber sheets can be sized to suit any variety of service types passing through any size wall or floor opening.

Firestop frame technology is combined with ACTIFOAM to create an extremely high level of fire resistance, in a format that is simple to install and easy to regularly disassemble; ideal for applications where routing or re-routing of cables is common place.

The purpose of ACTIFOAM technology is to ensure that during a fire the rubbers, thermoplastics and compounds used for the seal will produce such an amount of fire retardant material that major deformations or displacements in the services or structure are effectively accommodated.

As a result, the penetration will remain fire-tight. The higher the temperature, the more fire retardant material will be produced.


ACTIFOAM is an expanding rubber that fills any cavities or gaps in constructions, offering a perfect fire seal that lasts for a very long duration.

Firestop consists of a metal enclosure and a firesafe filling with ACTIFOAM sheets.

ACTIFOAM has been extensively tested to guarantee low smoke and low toxic gas production, to such a high level, it has been approved for use in areas such as The London Underground and on UK submarines. Areas where low smoke and low toxicity products are a life saving necessity.

ACTIFOAM Product Benefits

  • High level of fire resistance
  • Thermal protection
  • Long term protection against fire and heat
  • Low surface temperature
  • Remains mechanically intact
  • Non fibrous
  • Age tested in excess of 50 years
  • Lowest smoke and toxicity material
  • Ducting of addtional cables extremely simple
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Aesthetic finish









Testing Standards

Offering two-hour fire protection for both integrity and insulation, ACTIFOAM has been tested in accordance with the most stringent fire test procedure EN1366-3. And with the addition of a 10mm NOFIRNO layer, the system also becomes gas tight and water tight.

  • Lloyds Register witnessed - 2.5 Bar pressure test
  • TNO Laboratory - Age Testing to 50 years
  • EN1366-3 European Fire Test - 4 hour fire protection
  • NES711 - Low Smoke Index
  • NES713 - Low Toxicity Indec
  • ISO4589-3 - High Temperature Index
  • ISO4589-2 - High Oxygen Index
RISE, ACTIFOAM, SLIPSIL and NOFIRNO are registered trademarks of Beele Engineering in the Netherlands.
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