RISE Duct Installation layout

Please see below the installation layout for RISE within an Onshore application. If you would like any further information on RISE or any of our products, contact us.

Gas tight and water tight

RISE Duct Seal Installation layout 1

The elasticity and high bonding strength of FIWA  sealant offers a flexible seal, which resists movement, shock and vibration, as well as high pressure. The RISE rubber insert sleeves are applied to provide cable separation and a backing for the application of the FIWA sealant. For gas tight and water tight applications, our standard 60mm RISE sleeve is sufficient.

20mm layer FIWA (or NOFIRNO) sealant 60mm RISE insert sleeves.
• Certified Pressure Resistance - 1.5 bar


Fire protection, gas tight and water tight

RISE Duct Seal Installation layout 2

Using the RISE insert sleeves at a length of 160mm and applying FIWA sealant to both faces of the opening, will provide a fire stopping seal. When exposed to heat or flame, the advanced rubbers used within the system will resist heat and flame, assuring total conduit fire, heat, toxic and corrosive gases.

2x20mm FIWA (or NOFIRNO) sealant layers 160mm RISE insert sleeves Type FRR/LEHF
• Certified Pressure Resistance - 2.5 bar
• 4hours fire protection






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