CSD Fairless Glands

FAIRLESS GLANDS TOP IMAGEThe New CSD Fairless Gland has been engineered as a joint venture between CSD Sealing Systems and the original naval Fairless Gland manufacturer with production and design input from BAE Systems in Portsmouth.

The CSD Fairless Glands are available as either: Standard through bulkhead and deck penetrations or EMC/EMP versions for Grade A and Grade B EMC areas and external weather decks and bulkheads.
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The Glands will be used primarily as weather deck penetrations for naval ships, operating in extremely harsh marine environments around the world, therefore careful consideration has been given to the materials used and compatibility to prevent galvanic corrosion, ensuring through life capability.

The glands can also provide an EMC/EMP seal when required. To provide an EMC/EMP seal the braid of the cable is exposed, an electrical contact is made by wrapping a conductive knitted mesh around the cable. The cable and the knitted mesh are pushed into the penetration. A CSD Dynatite plug is pushed into the gland, compressing the knitted mesh against the cable braid and the body of the gland ensuring a good electrical contact.

The CSD Dynatite plug provides a fire and environmental watertight Seal (pressure rated in excess of 10 Bar) .The plug is encapsulated by a brass end cap.

CSD Fairless Gland Product Benefits

  • A60 fire rated
  • Watertight to at least 10 bar
  • Meets the DEF STAN 02-510
  • Shock proof
  • Explosion proof
  • EMP/EMI protection
  • Simple installation - no hot work required
  • Allows for direct connection of conduit
  • Available for single and multiple cables 







Materials Specification

CSD Fairless Gland Bodies

  • Aluminium  5083 for welding or bolting using aluminium washer, lock nut and end cap into aluminium structures. These will be painted on external faces but not internal.
  • Stainless Steel 316 for extremely harsh environments, welded or bolted into carbon steel grade D deck. Stainless Steel 316 washer, lock nut and end cap.
  • Mild Steel 070M20 with an electroless nickel plated coating welded or bolted into carbon steel grade D deck. These are painted on external face but not internal. The locking nut and end cap are Naval Brass CZ112

Knitted Mesh
There is a choice of wire mesh including: Monel, Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel (TCS) Stainless Steel & Aluminium. The choice of wire mesh material allows for a good galvanic match with mating surfaces, thereby limiting the possibility of corrosion.
We also have a highly conductive mouldable rubber – CONDUCTON Flexible rubber used within the RISE EMC version that can be used as the EMC seal.

Cable Braid
The exposed braid of the cable is normally Tinned Copper Wire

Conduit Adaptors
Standard and custom made conduit adaptors, allow conduit to be connected directly to gland.

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