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Onshore Solutions

CSD Sealing Systems provide an advanced range of products offering flood, fire and gastight sealing protection for all building entry, cable ducting and pipe or cable penetrations. Our products are widely used across many industries. 

Water utilities
Our range of RISE cable duct seals are adopted across the UK water industry helping to ensure long term sealing protection of their buildings and critical equipment from flood, gas ingress & fire. The systems help ensure compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) and are also compliant with the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES). The systems will help protect equipment from rodents & are resistant to hydrogen sulphide and chlorine gases.

Electricity utilities 
Our range of flood protection products which include the RISE WG & RISE RAPID Duct seal systems are widely adopted throughout the electrical distribution network providing high levels of watertight integrity for cable ducts or where services enter buildings. CSD are working with many of the network operators to ensure assets are protected.

Renewables, Power Generation & Nuclear
Our systems are currently designed in across the onshore wind, solar, energy from waste and hydro sectors and are used to seal building entry points and cable duct terminations in substations and equipment rooms. CSD products are guaranteed to resolve any sealing challenges across the power generation industry, whether it is the high risk environments such as Nuclear Power stations, where safety is the number one priority, or in arduous environments such as Offshore wind farms. The flexible sealing systems will help reduce damage to cables through vibration or short circuits and protect against flood or spread of fire within critical areas.

Our range of cable entry seals will protect equipment from water, dust & vermin. During maintenance & any network expansion the simple process of adding, replacing or removing cables will ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum. The RISE systems do not use compression to maintain the sealing protection therefore reducing the risk of damage to cables making them ideally suited for use on all systems including fibre optic cabling.

Civil Construction
During construction of data centres, airports, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings it is crucial to be able to seal building entries or penetrations through fire boundaries using quick & efficient methods. The high levels of performance & simplicity of installation together with their long term sealing protection against fire, flood and gas ingress has made our products the preferred solution amongst many designers & contractors.

Rail and Road Infrastructure
CSD recognise the importance ensuring critical equipment on the UK rail and motorway network is protected from damage by water ingress and therefore our products are designed and proven to provide the very highest levels of sealing protection. The low smoke and toxicity index make the products suitable for all applications including tunnels and underground structures.

Gas storage, petrochemical processing plants, oil refineries & petrol filling stations
With products designed to increase the level of fire safety and with extremely high levels of protection against jet fire, the spread of explosive gases, coupled with straightforward installation and maintenance, CSD offer the ideal solution to these high risk environments.

Due to the advanced designs of our products, they are ideally suited for ensuring safety in a clean room environment day after day. A wide range of rubber grades means we offer sealing solutions against even the most aggressive chemicals. Also, the materials we use will guarantee no fibre migration throughout the building.  

Our key onshore products and their applications

Flood and gastight protection for building entries and cable duct terminations

  • RISE RAPID Duct Seal - Nofirno multi sleeves and sealant provide fast installation and simple solution for long term watertight and gastight sealing
  • RISE WG Duct Seal - Using individual RISWAT sleeves and FIWA Sealant to provide an effective sealing solution for cable ducts with high numbers of small cables
  • SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs - Ideally suited to blank ducts or entries with a single service and can be installed in minutes.   

Fire protection in accordance with BS EN1366-3 for cable and pipe penetrations

  • RISE and RISE Nofirno - Can provide up to 4 hours of fire protection for multi cable and pipe penetrations as they pass through any fire rated boundary
  • ACTIFOAM Firestop - Suitable for openings where cable tray and ladder pass through partition walls and will provide a 2 hour fire rating. The system can also be made water and gastight by applying a layer of FIWA or NOFIRNO sealant over the ACTIFOAM.
  • NOFIRNO Firestop - Using mineral wool board coated with NOFIRNO rubber provides a system suitable for larger openings where cable pass through fire rated boundaries.

For any help with your application and selection of the best solution for your project please contact us to discuss

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