DYNATITE High Pressure Seals for Cable and Pipe Entries

DYNATITE has been developed especially for those applications where a high degree of instantaneous tightness is required and where the sealing performance needs to be guaranteed long term.


DYNATITE stands for dynamic tightness. The system is primarily suitable for all situations in which a sudden pressure exposure will occur. The objective is not only to hold multi-cable and pipe transits in-situ, but also completely tight. There are numerous occasions where disasters such as flooding and explosions could easily create substantial damage where sealing systems would fail. In such "explosive" situations the sealing system will be exposed to an instantaneous pressure load and should therefore be able to settle itself immediately. DYNATITE is just such a dynamic sealing system.

To allow dynamic sealing, the flange of the SLIPSIL plug has been modified to enable a tight fit in the conduit opening. The depth of the conduit opening is such that the flange of the DYNATITE plug is flush with the front side of the DYNATITE conduit sleeve or conduit module. A retainer ring with engineered dimensions is positioned inside the conduit opening to function as a stop for the sealing plug and to allow deformation of the rubber mass. The inner surface of the conduit opening is of the utmost importance. For this reason, the conduit sleeves and multi passage modules are milled from solid steel, stainless steel or aluminium. This guarantees precise dimensions and a smooth surface during service life.

RISE Duct Product Benefits

  • Designed for blast walls and explosion risk areas
  • Designed for instantaneous pressure spikes
  • Suitable for subsea applications
  • Resistant up to 15 bar shock pressure loads





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