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Penetration Frames for use with CSD Sealing Products

Penetration frames are an integral part of any cable or pipe transit system, these allow services to pass through the bulkheads or decks and house the sealing system. Our range of penetration frames are designed to achieve the best from our range of cable and pipe transit seals and have been developed with input from our customers.


Penetration frames can be manufactured to suit the requirements of any project and all of our systems can be installed in existing penetration frames (subject to the satisfaction of the certification requirements) we do however have a full range of standard penetration frames to suit the CSD products. All of our penetration frames are manufactured from high grade materials and these can be supplied in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and composite materials depending on the structural requirements. Our standard range of rectangular coamings are manufactured from high strength steel sourced from Lloyds approved mills and our circular penetration frames are all manufactured from BS approved seamless tube. These steel penetration frames are supplied with a weldable zinc based primer coating allowing the frames to be welded in to the structure without grinding off the primer.

The frames can also be supplied to allow bulkhead stiffeners to be welded directly to the frame when bisecting a stiffener removing the need for extra horizontal structural stiffeners and increasing the flexibility when positiong transit frames in the bulkhead.

Cable Penetrations

To make installation easier our standard range of cable transit frames are designed to suit the various widths and heights of cable tray and ladder depths. These can also be supplied with vertical and horizontal partitions helping to reduce the cable load and make cable sleeving easier, it also helps to segregate cables as they pass through the structure. Using partitioned frames also allows the installer to completely pack and seal indivdual areas or leave areas empty for future additions of new cables. The frames are supplied with rounded ends to reduce the risk of any cable damage as the cables are pulled through the penetration.

Pipe Penetrations

Our standard range of pipe penetration frames are designed to maximise the use of space in any bulkhead or deck. These can be supplied with horizontal and vertical partitions allowing services pipes to be segregated or grouped together. Our range of SLIPSIL penetration frames are supplied machined to the optimum internal diameter for installation of the SLIPSIL sealing plugs this together with the internal chamfer makes installation of the sealing plugs easier.


Penetration Frame Product Benefits

  • Frames made to measure to the exact design requirements of the project
  • Do not require weld interpasses
  • Made in any material, from mild and stainless steel to aluminium and composite materials
  • Steel frames finished with a fully weldable primer coating as standard
  • Frames for use with RISE EMC supplied with an electroless nickel coating
  • Manufactured with rounded corners as standard, to remove any risk of stress fractures in bulkheads or decks
  • Various combinations are available with partitions to suit any required segregation of cables or pipes and to provide additional structural strength
  • Machined to suit the relevant SLIPSIL Sealing Plug and include an internal chamfer, this ensures easy installation



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