RISE S and M penetration

RISE NOFIRNO Single and Multi Flexible Pipe Penetration Seals for Metallic and GRP

RISE NOFIRNO PipeFlexibility and Effectiveness

The RISE Single and Multi Pipe Penetration System is one of the most adaptive systems for sealing straight and angled pipe penetrations and can even accommodate multiple pipe runs, significantly saving in space and weight. The system is designed to maintain the integrity of vessels providing fire protection and ensuring bulkheads and decks remain gas and watertight when pipes need to pass through them.

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Application Recommendations

  • Single pipes above 4"
  • Multiple pipes passing through the same penetration
  • Pipes passing through oversized penetrations
  • Pipes passing through a penetration at an angle or off-centre
  • Suitable for A60 and H120 or A0 and H0 rated bulkheads and decks
  • Suitable for Metallic, GRP and Plastic pipe systems

Few components

Only two different components are needed to create RISE Single and Multi Pipe Penetrations; NOFIRNO filler sleeves used as a backing to the sealant layer, as well as creating a rubber mass which will help resist fire and increases the overall integrity of the system and NOFIRNO sealant a high quality silicone based fire and water repellent sealant.

Fireproof, Gas tight & Water tight

The advanced rubbers used within the system will resist heat and flame assuring total sealing protection in the event of any disaster situation. The system has been extensively fire tested and is certified for use in all ‘A' & ‘H' fire rated bulkheads and decks. More recently a 2 hour jet fire test, used to simulate a hydrocarbon jet fire on an offshore oil rig or a missile strike on a military warship, was completed successfully. RISE is proven gas tight and water tight, even after an A60 fire test, and has been tested to provide up to 6.9 bar of water tightness.

Simplifies design and production

A simplified design significantly reduces the huge combination of bulkhead pieces used to accommodate all the dissimilar metals and removes the need for precise positioning. The RISE system also has a specially designed software program. Customers can calculate the size, shape, free space and material requirement for a transit in minutes. The system is approved for use in steel, aluminium and GRP vessels and penetration frames can be designed to suit the specific application. The RISE system allows pipes to be run off centre or angled through a penetration and it dramatically reduces the number of fixed points thus significantly reducing the number of templates and rework required.

Cost effective

RISE offers a simplified design process and allows faster routing of pipes. This, together with the speed of installation, substantially reduces project build cost and time when comparing CSD products to competitive systems. The small number of components allows for reduced inventory and easier installation of the system and ensures a high  performing solution is provided. The system consists of no metallic parts and does not use mechanical compression to provide the seal and therefore does not degrade through ‘stress relaxation'. CSD products have been tested to prove they will not suffer any deterioration in sealing performance for a period in excess of 50 years.


RISE NOFIRNO Single & Multi Flexible Pipe Penetration Product Benefits

  • Simplified design through standardisation of all bulkhead penetrations and a significant reduction in components
  • Allows design changes without the need for additional hotwork
  • Space reduction
  • Faster installation
  • Allows for misalignment of pipe work due to build tolerances
  • Significant reduction in number of pipe spools
  • Vibration stress and cathodic corrosion reduced increasing the life of pipe systems and reducing the failure rate
  • Easy replacement of pipe systems
  • Vibration & noise reduction - reducing noise signature
  • Significant weight saving over bulkhead fittings making more energy efficient








Improved survivability

  • Certified for use in A60 boundaries and tested without any insulation for A0 applications
  • Proven watertight even after A60 fire test
  • 2 hour hydrocarbon fire test - both with and without insulation, rated H0 and H120
  • 2 hour Jet Fire test - with no additional insulation
  • Shock tested to 850g to DEF STAN 08-120 including post test pressure test to 6.9 bar
  • Blast rated
  • Low Smoke and Toxicity - DEF STAN 02-711 and DEF STAN 02-713

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RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 5   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 6   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 7   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 8
RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 3   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 4   RISE NOFIRNO pipe penetration 9

RISE, ACTIFOAM, SLIPSIL and NOFIRNO are registered trademarks of Beele Engineering in the Netherlands.

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