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With a range that is expertly designed, CSD products are ideally suited for numerous environments, both Onshore and Offshore. With products retaining extremely high levels of protection and age tested to ensure no deterioration in performance in excess of 50 years, CSD Sealing Systems offer the ideal solution to any high risk environment.

Further information on all of our products can be found on our product pages or please contact us for any advice.
Alternatively visit our 'product solutions' page, which endeavours to provide advice and solutions for most situations.

We would recommend the following products for the Onshore and Offshore markets.

RISE Duct Sealing for fire, watertight and gastight cable duct duct sealing 
NOFIRNO Duct Seal for watertight and gastight duct seals 
SLIPSIL Sealing Plug for fire, watertight and gastight sealing of conduits  
NOFIRNO Board Firestop providing up to a 90 minute fire rating (BS EN1366-3 EI-90) for large service openings through fire boundaries
ACTIFOAM Firestop providing up to a 2 hour fire rating (BS EN1366-3 EI-120) when cable trays or services pass through fire boundaries 

RISE Multi-cable transit system for A60 and H120 or A0 and H0 fire rated, watertight and gastight bulkheads and decks 
RISE EMC sealing system for penetrating shield areas 
CSD Fairless single and multi-way deck & bulkhead cable glands
RISE NOFIRNO single and multi metallic pipe penetrations for A60 or H120 and A0 or H0 fire rated, watertight and gastight bulkheads and decks. Blast and Jet Fire Rated.
SLIPSIL sealing plugs for metallic & plastic pipe penetrations  
RISE Ultra single and multi plastic pipe penetrations 
DYNATITE high pressure seals
CSD penetration frames

RISE, ACTIFOAM, SLIPSIL and NOFIRNO are registered trademarks of Beele Engineering in the Netherlands.


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