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BAE Systems supply over 90% of the Royal Navy’s ships and submarines, with global divisions to assist customers in over 100 countries. CSD’s thriving relationship with BAE and it’s successful historical involvement with Royal Navy programs backed by a first class product range developed and manufactured by Beele Engineering of the Netherlands, has seen it’s involvement in numerous UK based and international projects.

Since 1999 CSD Sealing Systems have forged a successful relationship with BAE, working on all of their new build vessel projects including the LPD, AO and Astute Class submarines at their Barrow site and the Oman, Brazil and both the original River-class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) as well as the more recent Batch 2 vessels currently under construction, the Type 45 destroyers and Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers built in Glasgow and Portsmouth.

During 2005 a team of BAE Engineers in Barrow were awarded the Silver Chairman’s Award for Innovation and Implementation in recognition for the work they had done introducing the RISE product to the LPD project. The system was used to reduce the number of man hours required for manufacturing, installing and testing pipe systems to help lower the overall cost of the project.

Following the success on the LPD project and a full technical review CSD’s RISE and CSD Sealing Plugs were selected by BAE to be used across six Type 45 ships being built in Glasgow with the products being used on all pipe and cable transits. The Type 45’s are some of the most powerful destroyers ever built for the Royal Navy, they can sail over 600 miles a day and operate around the globe.

Work has also been carried out with BAE on the Astute program where hunter-killer submarines are being produced in order to replace existing Swiftsure and Trafalgar class boats. Traditionally, UK submarines have followed the principle that performance should be optimised by designing the smallest submarine possible with little regard to cost. However, with the advancement in modular construction and the cost benefits that this brings, the design philosophy has changed. Astute will reap the benefits that modular construction can bring, allowing size, speed and cost to be optimised. As a result, the Astute Class design will be significantly larger than the Swiftsure Class they replace.

CSD have been working very closely with BAE on the new QEC Aircraft Carrier during the construction phases at their Govan and Portsmouth facilities.
BAE Systems is part of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), which is responsible for delivering the QE Class to the Royal Navy, members of the alliance also include Babcock, Thales UK and the UK Ministry of Defence.

During final construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth we have continued to work with the project installation teams to ensure they are fully trained and that the installation of the SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs and RISE Nofirno system is to a high standard. At various stages of the project CSD have also been requested to provide onsite supervision of the ACA installation teams and in some cases we have provided a team of CSD experienced installers to install the systems and to help ensure key deadlines are met. We are working hard to ensure cost reduction throughout the program helping the installers to use the most efficient methods for sealing the penetrations.

The (QEC) Carriers are the largest warships of any class ever to be built in the UK, at 65,000 tonnes they will be three times the size of the UK's current carriers. The first aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth, is due to start sea trials in 2017 and its first deployment in 2021. CSD has supplied both penetration frames and RISE Nofirno systems to it’s sister ship, the Prince of Wales during its construction and is expected to be ready approximately 18 months later. BAE's ambitious program needed to improve efficiency and provide best value for money with today's economic climate and tightened defence budgets. CSD gladly stepped up to the mark and with a successful historical relationship with Royal Navy projects we are looking forward to building upon this.

“The team that packed the glands fed back that it was a simple to use material and process, especially after the demonstration that CSD gave them at the beginning. After the launch, everything went well and there was no breaching of any areas of the ship.” (IWT Manager on Type 45 Ship)

For further information please email or find product details on our RISE Nofirno or Slipsil Sealing Plugs here.
BAE Navy Vessels case study
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