HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark case study

HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark

Client: MOD DE&S (Defence Equipment and Support) Capital Ships
Location: UK
Date: 2011 -2012


CSD were contracted directly by the MOD DE&S (Defence Equipment and Support) Capital Ships for the works on HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark. Working closely with Babcock Marine, CSD provided project management including design and supply of material and labour.

CSD were also contracted by Camell Laird as part of the RFA cluster group to complete the work on RFA Wave Knight during fleet time whilst in Portland and on RFA Wave Ruler during fleet time in Birkenhead.

The project was completed within a very tight timeline, with CSD teams on hand, ready to progress installation once the ships had docked.

CSD introduced Ultrasound testing during these projects, using our Ultrasound Portascanner to test the integrity of the seals and cable transits. This proved to be so successful and is now a method of inspection adopted by Babcock and the MOD to help prove integrity. The success on these Vessels and CSD's passion for improving the integrity of the fleet, led to teaming up with the Naval Architect responsible for watertight integrity of the Hunt Class Mine Hunter.

CSD provided Ultrasound testing of the watertight bulkheads and decks on HMS Atherton with BAE Systems and subsequently the Ultrasound Scanner was adopted as a method for proving watertight integrity.

CSD are actively involved across the whole fleet of naval vessels continuing to help improve the integrity.

 “These projects reflect CSD’s capabilities to deliver a successful two-way knowledge transfer through strong partnership skills. Enabling new methods of installation and technology to be used and integrated into future projects to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
(Peter Litchfield - Technical Sales Director)

For further information please email or find product details on our RISE system here.
HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark case study
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