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Agrilek choose CSD for offshore Wind Farm

An offshore windfarm substation has changed from a 'Block Type Systems' to RISE in order to seal off cables as they entered from the the wind turbines due to it being more flexible and easier to install.

The windfarm, situated off the west coast of England near Barrow in Furness, required sealing of the cables to prevent ingress of sea water, any gases and fire.

RISE was also chosen due to its cost effectiveness compared to block systems. The substation was being built by Agrilek for Arreva and the company has stated they will use the product on future builds.

Phil Westerman from CSD, said: 'This was the first job of this kind that we were involved in and sees CSD continue to grow our business in the wind energy industry, not only supplying seals for electrical substations linked to wind farms, but also supplying seals to the wind turbine towers themselves."