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CSD Sealing Systems UK have completed work on the Shieldhall Tunnel and at the Shieldhall Waste Water Treatment Works, both in the Greater Glasgow area.

The Shieldhall Tunnel is Scotland’s largest wastewater tunnel, costing £100 million, measuring 4.65m in diameter and running 3.1 miles long. It aims to improve water quality in the River Clyde and its tributaries, with 90% of the water originally discharged here from Combined Sewer Overflows to be treated at the Shieldhall Waste Water Treatment Works first.

The Shieldhall project is the crowning glory of Scottish Water’s £250 million plan to transform the waste water system in the Glasgow area. It will greatly benefit the community who can expect fewer flooding incidents and improved environmental conditions.   

CSD supplied and installed their leading RISE NOFIRNO and NOFIRNO Duct Seal multi-cable transit sealing systems for the project. This will ensure watertight and fire protection as well as easy removal, maintenance and repair operations for its duration. The RISE NOFIRNO system has no metallic parts which ensures that it will not corrode over time, remaining in peak condition over a long period.

The work done by the highly experienced CSD team, who worked alongside the contractor on the Shieldhall project to deliver a high-quality installation to a timely completion, will provide long-lasting protection for over 50 years. The RISE NOFIRNO sealing system prevents rodent ingress which will be a major benefit and offer a long-term solution to rodent problems.

CSD have successfully provided their professional services to yet another company and will continue to supply and install top quality products and sealing solutions to all their clients.  For more information on how CSD Sealing Systems can help, please get in touch on 01670 739970 or via email: