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CSD Sealing Systems UK have completed work on the CATS Terminal in Seal Sands, for Wood Plc.

CATS – the Central Area Transmission System – is a natural gas transportation and processing system that transports gas through a 250 mile, 36 inch diameter subsea pipeline from the Central North Sea to a reception and processing terminal in Teesside, Northern England.

At the CATS Terminal, the pipeline gas is treated to remove contaminants. The gas is then delivered directly into the National Transmission System for commercial and domestic use.

CSD carried out the sealing of numerous cable and pipe building entries and penetrations across the site. The areas to be sealed included offices, equipment rooms, the gatehouse and 2 refuge areas used during emergencies.

During the survey and following discussions with Wood plc we established that these areas required the installation of a water & gastight system with some critical areas, including the refuge buildings, requiring fire-rated seals. Our Nofirno multi-cable and pipe penetration sealing system was provided as the sealing solution.

The fire, water and gastight system, consisting of Nofirno rubber filler sleeves and Nofirno sealant, provided the protection required on site. The system was used to seal a range of metallic and plastic pipe penetrations as well as all of the multi-cable transits.

CSD’s highly skilled installation team installed the NOFIRNO system across the Terminal and the sealed penetrations will help ensure the safety and protection of personnel and assets should a disaster situation occur.

The work completed by CSD was delivered to a high-quality and will ensure long-lasting protection to the CATS Terminal.

Andy Pearson, Projects, Mods & TAR Manager at Wood Plc, said “the work carried out by CSD has been first class from start to finish. The survey and installation work carried out was all managed in a very professional manner. Likewise, the timely submission of the Installation Completion Report is much appreciated.”

The CSD team are looking forward to working on their next project. For more information on how CSD Sealing Systems can help, please get in touch on 01670 739970 or via our contact page.

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