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CSD supports flood protection across the UK Electricity Network

In recent years we have seen how the flooding of just a single substation can cause a loss of power for thousands of homes and businesses.  Flooding of sub stations is one of the key threats identified by energy firms during a review of climate change and the impact it could have on their business. The distribution network operators have agreed to ensure protection of their existing infrastructure assets and to complete flood resilience projects costing more than £109 million before 2015.

This flood protection program is being monitored by the regulator, OFGEM, who plans to review progress in July 2012.

CSD Sealing Systems range of flood protection products, which include the RISE Duct seal system are already widely adopted throughout the energy sector providing high levels of watertight integrity for cable ducts or where services enter buildings. CSD are working very closely with many of the network operators helping to meet the requirements of the program and to ensure their assets are fully protected.?

Recently CSD have carried out installation training with contractors, working on behalf of Western Power Distribution (WPD). The contractors have started a program to improve flood protection across the WPD network and CSD are working closely with the contractors to help ensure the equipment is protected and the buildings are watertight.

Over the coming years more work will be needed to ensure new projects are designed to cope with the changes expected to weather conditions and we are already involved with a number of design companies on future projects with our RISE Duct and RISE RAPID system being specified for use on these projects.