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CSD training improves penetration seals for Sunseeker

CSD Sealing Systems UK have been working with luxury yacht builder and retailer, Sunseeker, in a bid to continuously improve the bulkhead & deck penetration seals throughout their extensive, top quality, yacht range. 

Sunseeker, who have provided the highest standard yachts for 47 years, are one of few British suppliers in the market, exporting c.150 yachts per year to over 74 countries. CSD have been training Sunseeker staff to help the company continue to provide products that are both revolutionary in safety and design.

As Sunseekers vision is to seek perfection and exceed boundaries, the firm aims to provide their customers with high-end, opulent products made to the highest of standard using certified type approved products.

Sunseeker have reduced the risk of a fire or flood spreading by including fire & watertight bulkheads  and decks within their design. These bulkheads and decks are penetrated by cables and pipes. CSD was enlisted to help as the leading marine  sealing systems firm to provide products which are certified. BEELE engineering provided fire testing of the BEELE penetration seals within Sunseeker’s composite bulkheads.

CSD have a long standing relationship with the Sunseeker team, providing highly effective pipe and cable penetration  seals using the BEELE products; NOFIRNO Pipe penetration systems, RISE NOFIRNO Multi-Cable Transit sealing systems, and providing training programmes which are designed to make sure the highest quality of work can be carried out by their own personnel.

Combining both an understanding of the critical importance of the penetration seals to provide fire and flood protection and  hands on practical experience, CSD were thorough in ensuring the standard of installation matches the high-quality products and materials used by CSD, by following up each installation, with quality and workmanship checks during and after the fittings.

Using the RISE NOFIRNO sealing system for both cable transit and pipe penetrations, the sealing systems ensure the highest level of flood protection, gastight integrity, and fire protection, providing Sunseeker’s clients with the assurance of their safety as their yacht penetrations can withstand many dangerous situations.