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CSD Sealing at Selfridges, Oxford Street

Selfridges is a Grade II listed retail building on Oxford Street, London and CSD Sealing Systems UK were asked to provide, install and repair a building entry leading into the basement.  

CSD provided their leading sealing solution NOFIRNO Duct Seal to seal the pipe entries into the building and the installation team from CSD managed to quickly complete the installation within a tight timescale and within a confined space below ground on Oxford Street. 

Gas and water can accumulate in underground ducts, such as those carrying gas or electricity supply cables and where these ducts terminate inside buildings they must be sealed against gas and water ingress to protect the building, contents and people inside. 

CSD Sealing Systems understood the primary location and iconic building of the Selfridges store and that the installation demanded a proven sealing solution. 

NOFIRNO duct seal system is pressure tested up to 7 bar and ensures the building entry is compliant with DSEAR regulations, with the highest level of flood protection and gastight integrity it provides clients with the assurance of their safety. The system is also tested to protect the seal from rodent ingress.  

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